Remarkably Unique and Special Bears

by: Dawn Solomon

Basic Bear $50

Most button up shirts or pants (non stretchy) fall under basic bear. I do try to use buttons, lace, logos  and any extra detail thats already on your clothing piece. Any fabric that is thin or stretchy will need to be lined to hold its shape. T-shirts, sweaters and some housecoats. I do this at no extra charge. 

Faux Fur Bear $55

I can add Faux fur to the bears head and paws. I have two diff shades of brown  faux fur, light and dark brown.

Faux Fur Open Mouth Bear $60

I can add faux fur to the bears head and paws. This bear will have a lower jaw and tongue that makes it an open mouth bear. the open mouth can only be done with fur fabric. I don't have anymore of the fur in this photo nor can I get any more of it. Open mouth fur bears will be made with the same faux fur as the other bears are made from. At this time I have light and dark brown fur colors.

Overalls Bear $55

If your bear is made from overalls and you want it to look like its still wearing overalls when its done I do charge more for that. Denim is very stiff and thick. lot of work to make one but I can if thats what you want. 

Photo Bear $60

I can print a photo onto fabric and sew it onto your bear. This can be put on front or back. Depending on the clothing piece and what looks best and what you request.It can be done in color or black n white. 

Wedding Dress Bears $60-$100 

I can make about 3 bears from a normal wedding dress. If your wanting the bear in a mini replica of your dress I can only do one bear per dress. Best to send a pic of the dress full length and close up so I can price it better. Dresses with lots of beads and sequins and $100. Older more simple wedding dresses are easier to work with and can be less in price.

Specialty Bears (price may very)

Formal ware, pageant dresses....I love a good challenge! Being creative is what I do best. You have an idea for a bear and don't see it listed above, please feel free to ask.

Bears from Baby Cloths....

when making a bear from baby cloths it will take several pieces of clothing because they are so small. Always good to throw in a baby blanket or crib sheet to help make the bear. My bears are about 19 inches tall and fit newborn clothing. 

Keepsake or Memory Pillows $35- $45

I can also make memory or keepsake pillows. Sometimes the men in our life like these more than a teddy bear. These make great gifts for grandparents and teachers.