Remarkably Unique and Special Bears

by: Dawn Solomon

        Order Form for Creative Crafts by Dawn Memory Bears

Please print this page and fill out for your order

                                                                                                         Dawn Solomon

                                                                                                          PO Box43     

                                                                                                          Foxworth, Ms 39483 

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PHONE #____________________________________TEXT MESSAGE   Yes___  No___


How many Memory/Keepsake Bears do you need?    Boys_____  Girls_____

How Many Memory/Keepsake Bunnies do you need?   Boys_____  Girls____

How many Memory/Keepsake Puppies do you need?   Boys____ Girl_____ 

How many Memory/Keepsake pillows do you need?  _______

Faux Fur for head and paws?  Yes____ No____   Open mouth fur bear  Yes ___No ___                                                      

Any important info I need to know to make your Memory Bear special for you _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

By signing here you agree that I am not responsible for clothing lost in the mail or due to loss in fire, flood, tornado ect.      _________________________________________________________

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Memory Bear/Bunny/Puppy $50                                                                                           

faux fur to head and paws $55                                                                    

open mouth fur bear is $60                                                                          

add $10 for photo bears 

memory pillow $35-$45

* shipping price depends on how many bears you order                                 

Return scraps? yes/no (additional shipping fee may be added)

                             THANK YOU for choosing me to make your special Memory Bear