Remarkably Unique and Special Bears

by: Dawn Solomon

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much clothing do you need to make one bear? 

A: Each Memory Bear will need at least one adult size shirt or pants to make. If the shirt is a womens size small and has short sleeves or no sleeves you may want to send two shirts. These bears look best if the paws and ears (or paws and head) are of a different fabric. If your getting more than one bear I can mix and match the shirts/fabrics for the paws and ears. Most bath robes or long gowns will make two bears. 

If you're sending childrens clothing it can take several pieces. At times I am only able to cut one or two pattern pieces from each piece of childrens clothing. Would be a great idea to take a picture of the clothing you have in mind to send and email it to me. Then I can better tell if its enough or not. Baby blankets and crib sheets are great to mix with childrens clothing for a complete bear. I can also dress your bear in a baby outfit if you have something small and special that you don't want cut up.

If you don't have a second piece of clothing for the paws and ears, accent  pieces, I do have a stash of fabrics from all my sewing projects over the years and I'm sure I can find something to match for you.

Q: How do I get on your waiting list for a Memory Bear?

A: Choose the clothing you want your bear made from. Fill out the printable order form on this website and mail it with your clothing. Please print clearly. When your clothing pieces get in my hands I will message you to let you know they made it safely and your name goes on the list at that time. You will move up from there in that order. I keep an average of 40 bears year around on that list. Around holidays it can be more. 

 Q: Do I need to wash my clothing pieces before I send them to you?

A: I fully understand that its important for your Memory Bear to smell like your loved one. I am ok with this. However keep in mind that whatever the clothing piece smells like, your bear will smell like. I do not have time to launder clothing before I cut and sew it. If it smells like cigarettes, moth balls or the nursing home when you send it to me. Chances are thats how it will smell when you get it back. If its soiled in any way, please wash it first. In the event that something has to be laundered before I can work with it, there will be an extra fee. 

Q: How long does it take to get my Memory Bear made?

A: I do keep a waiting list of about 40 bears give or take. I also work full time outside the home as a K-3rd grade Art teacher. Hoping one day I can come home and make bears full time. Right now im working on a 4 month  turn around time, sometimes more. Depending on the list ahead of you. I do try to get them made as fast as I can because I know how important a Memory Bear can be after the loss of a loved one. If you need or want the bear for a special occasion, (Birthday, anniversary, holiday) please  let me know the date you need it by and I will do my best to get it to you. Keep in mind around holiday times I get real busy. Christmas orders are normally cut off several months before Christmas. I thank you in advance for your patience.  

Q: How big are your Memory Bears? 

A: These bears are about 18-19 inches tall when standing. They also fit newborn clothing. At this time I only have the one size bear. I can make a bunny or dog in the same size if you would rather have that.

Q: How much does a Memory Bear cost? 

A: My Memory Bears start at $45 each. 

 *add $5 for faux fur on head and paws. I have white, gray, light and dark brown faux fur.                             

*add $5 if bear is made from anything thin or stretchy. (tshirt, sweater, etc.) It will need to be lined to hold its shape when stuffed.                                                                               

 * add $10 for a photo bear. I can transfer a photo onto fabric and sew it onto your bear. This can be done in color or black and white. I can put the photo on the back of the bear, across the top front of the tummy or to one whole side of the tummy. Depending on the clothing piece we are working with, we can talk about where would be best.                                  

* add $10 for overall bears                                                                                                      

 * wedding dresses and formal ware are $100. (Some are less) I will need to see the clothing piece in person or in a photo before I can price it out. Some are a lot more work than others. Older wedding dresses aren't to bad because they are not covered in beads and sequins.

Q: Do I need to send payment with my order?

A: As of Feb 1, 2015 I ask that all orders be sent with a minimum deposit of $20 per bear. When your bears are cut and ready to be created I will message you and let you know that its your turn and will also give you the total at that time. You may send the rest of the payment then. I don't do paypal at this time because they charge a fee and then I would have to charge more.

Q: Are these bears safe for children to play with? 

A: These are keepsake Memory Bears. They are not toys for small children. They are made with small parts. The eyes are buttons and the nose is a safety lock nose. Per your request I can make a bear without eyes, nose and mouth.I have sewn for over 40 years and do my best to make a quality product. These bears are perfect for hugs when we miss our loved ones the most. 

Q: Do you offer a discount if I order more than one bear? 

A: At this time I do not. If you search the internet for someone to make your Memory Bear you will notice that my bears are already priced under most. For the quality you get all my bears are discounted from the beginning. I truly enjoy making these and put 110% into each bear as I create it. I don't charge extra for all the little touches I put into your bear. Some bear makers charge more for pockets, buttons, logos etc. I just add them because thats my name and reputation on the tush tag of each bear. I take pride in my work and want you to be satisfied with the final outcome.

Q: Can you monogram names and dates on my bear?

A: At this time I can not. I dont have a machine for that. If you send me something that is already monogrammed I do my best to work it into the final product. If your wanting to get a piece monogrammed before you send it to me I will be more than happy to give you the measurements of the area it will be fitted into. Just email or leave a message on my Facebook page.


If you still have questions, please feel free to ask. [email protected] or message me on facebook