Remarkably Unique and Special Bears

by: Dawn Solomon

STAND BACK..I'm having a creative moment!!!

I was born in Wisconsin and have lived all over the USA. South Mississippi is where I call home now. I am an art teacher and teacher asst for grades k-3. Have always loved arts and crafts. Mom taught us all about sewing at a very young age. In fact, I can't remember a day when I didn't know how to sew. When I was 8 y/o I bought my first sewing machine for $10 at a yard sale. By 5th grade I was winning blue ribbons and money at the state fair.


I have a wonderful very hardworking husband and between us we have 5 kids. We also had two grandsons added this past year. I love spending time with my family and my fur baby Bella. Sewing memory bears is a hobby I fit in around everything else important in my life.

I started making Memory Bears when my father passed away with cancer in June of 2011. At first it was just to make one for his wife and myself. Then I made a few for family who liked the idea. When I posted pictures of the bears to my Facebook account!/pages/Creative-Crafts-by-Dawn/155475434514919?sk=wall, the response was awesome! Friends wanted me to make them one. Then friends of friends. Now I have a waiting list year around and a hobby that makes me money and reminds me of my Dad every day. Life is good!!

This is the "tush tag" I created to iron onto the bottom of each bear. Have creatively "hid" Dads name (RUS) on the tag. Only wish I had done this earlier so all my bears were marked.

In Memory Of

                                                       Rus Garrigan  "Daddy"

September 26, 1947 - June 26, 2011

                                             Bucket List

Every state I have a Memory Bear in is highlighted in pink. On my bucket list I wish to have the whole map filled in one day. At this time I have bears in 5 different countries.