Remarkably Unique and Special Bears

by: Dawn Solomon

                             Facebook: Creative Crafts by Dawn

What is a Memory Bear?

A memory bear is made from clothing from someone special to you. Could be a loved one who has passed on or a child or family member that has reached a milestone. I love making Memory Bears!

I have made bears from:

softball shirts
baby blankets
button up shirts
work uniform clothing
baseball cap
blue jeans
flower girl dress

wedding dress


dresser scarf

military uniforms

If you're not local I can ship your bear worldwide. Most bears look best if you have at least 2 diff fabric's in them. I can make your clothing into a bear, a dog or a rabbit with long floppy ears. If you need it for a special date, best to order in advance because I keep a waiting list. I try to make all bears in the order they come in. Creative is my middle name and I enjoy hand crafting each bear for its owner. My goal is to make you happy. I can be reached at [email protected] or look me up on Facebook: Creative Crafts By Dawn Memory Bears

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